Welcome to our Vision Page. Business owners envision what they desire to accomplish and implement strategies to achieve their objectives. This is especially true when it comes to sales. Vision and reality are not necessarily synonymous. Requestedquotations.com offers U.S. and Canadian manufacturers and distributors a proven strategy which creates real impact. With vision, there must be execution. Our unique sales generating model directly links your salesforce to final decision makers who issue purchase orders. Taking offensive action to increase your company's client base and reorder business thus generating greater annual revenues. This is Vision.

Your Vision, our Proven Blueprint Guaranteed

Attorney's Letter of Guarantee.

Requestedquotations.com, Inc. Guarantees, 100% your company will receive RFQ's for the materials you currently offer. Accompanied with our agreement is an attorney's letter. Prepared by our corporate attorneys' and personalized to your company specifically guarantees in writing, if you do not receive what is promised and agreed to in our contract, you will receive a 100% refund via Cashier's Check or bank wire transfer. This attorney's letter of confidence, is the result of having the capabilities to deliver on our promise.

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