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Receive RFQ's from Purchasing and Procurement Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Materials Managers, Inventory Control, Fleet, and Facilities Managers


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Our streamlined blueprint will link your salesforce to final decision makers who issue and sign purchase orders.

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Cold calling is a thing of the past. History! Action can be taken to increase your company's client base and develop reorder business.

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Vision and reality are not always synonymous. Take offensive action to replace disappointing sales with new accounts. Mission Accomplished!

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RFQ's translate into Purchase Orders, timely payments and reorder business. We have the documentation to prove all of it!

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Imagine the impact to annual revenues by receiving formal Request for Quotations from Purchasing, Procurement, and Supply Chain Managers, Facility, Fleet, and Inventory Control Managers weekly throughout the year. offers U.S. and Canadian manufacturers and distributors this PROVEN EFFECTIVE BLUEPRINT which has generated hundreds of millions of dollars of purchase orders, timely payments, and reorder business. Our unique model will replace and revolutionize costly inefficient and outdated "sales tools and strategies." Verified by documentation which includes authentic signed purchase orders, vendor invoices reflecting the item or items purchased to ship the goods, and finally bank statements reflecting payments for the purchase orders issued. We have the documentation to prove all of it, and is available for your review.

There is no longer the need to "Man the Trade Show Booth." Cold calling is a thing of the past. History! Refer to the Authentic Purchase Orders icon at the top of this page to review a small fraction of the hundreds of millions of dollars in purchase orders generated from our proven blueprint now available to you. Guarantees your company will be provided with RFQ's which link your sales personnel in direct contact, not with a "clerk or administrator", but with the executive who makes the final purchasing decisions.

Take a few minutes to review our site. Reflected are facts, not promotional jargon. Every icon presents a wealth of practical information. Questions? Feel free to contact us as we will provide answers, including the cost for this unique, proven revenue generating blueprint.

Attorney's Letter of Guarantee., Inc. Guarantees, 100% your company will receive RFQ's for the materials you currently offer. Accompanied with our agreement is an attorney's letter. Prepared by our corporate attorneys' and personalized to your company specifically guarantees in writing, if you do not receive what is promised and agreed to in our contract, you will receive a 100% refund via Cashier's Check or bank wire transfer. This attorney's letter of confidence, is the result of having the capabilities to deliver on our promise.