The Time is Now for Your Company to Engage in a New Clear Effective Strategy

Exhibiting at industry trade shows, purchasing business leads, and "cold calling" are intended to create positive exposure for companies by introducing product lines and customer service. The return on investment can be disappointing and leave sales personnel frustrated and discouraged. There is no guarantee that by spending tens of thousands of dollars for trade show booths, travel, accommodations and additional unexpected costs will result in generating new business. If you so choose, "Forecasting" your company's return on investment can be in the rear view mirror as Guarantees, your company will be provided with Requests for Quotations linking your sales personnel with final decision makers.

Action can be taken to increase your company's client base and reorder business thus generating greater annual revenues. has created and successfully implemented a UNIQUE, STREAMLINED PROCESS, which enables your salesforce to receive via email, Requests for Quotations from final decision makers prepared to issue purchase orders. Each Request for Quotation, is issued not by us, but issued by the entity itself. The RFQ provides the entity's name, contact's name and telephone number. In addition, the request includes the quantity required, with the complete description of the item or items needed to be purchased.

Imagine the impact of lowering costs and increasing annual revenues. As stated on our Home Page, there is no longer a need to "Man the Trade Show Booth." Cold calling is a thing of the past, just as mailing payments for utility bills rather than paying online is history. Refer to the Authentic Purchase Orders icon at the top of this page to review a small fraction of the hundreds of millions of dollars in purchase orders generated from our proven strategy now available to you.


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